We're offering discounted entry on the hottest days, perfect for getting out of the heat for a few hours. When the temperature reaches 23°C degrees and over with clear sun exposure, entry is 20% cheaper! Just quote 'Safe Summer' at reception to redeem.


Always wear sun cream, with an SPF of at least 30 that protects against both UVA and UVB. Remember that kids can get sunburn on apparently “cloudy” days, and can still suffer heatstroke when the sun isn’t out.


Avoid the sun between 11am and 3pm as this is when it is at its hottest. Re-apply sun cream regularly, especially if children are playing in or with water. It takes about 30 mins for sun cream to be absorbed by the skin and start protecting your child so it's best to pop some suncream on before heading out on a trip.


Drink lots of water – playing in the sun can easily lead to dehydration and it’s important to make sure children always have ample water, especially on trips to the park or beach where there may not be easy access to drinks.

Infant Care

Avoid direct sunshine with babies under 6 months, a hat with a wide brim is great for keeping the sun off their little face and neck.


  • The temperature must be 23°C or higher with clear sun exposure at time of entry in the venue's location
  • Offer entrants are subject to all usual Rules of Play
  • Discount can only be redeemed on the day
  • The code 'Safe Summer' must be quoted to activate the discount at reception
  • Discount is only available at point of entry and cannot be claimed after a visit
  • Management decision is final with reference to claiming discount on the day and in relation to stated terms.