Our new Wonder Safari app is out now

A screenshot of characters from the Wonder World Safari app

Wonder Safari is the latest app to be released by Wonder World Apps and, like all of our Apps, it is designed to be both fun and educational. The app is available through both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store on a huge range of mobile devices, perfect for long car rides or rainy days in the house.

Our cute animals are here to help your little ones learn and have fun. All of our games help children learn new skills, at an age-appropriate level that is easy to understand and play with.

Feed the Lion

Our lion is very hungry, and he needs your little one’s help to get fed! Match the food to the correct shape to help him enjoy his dinner.

Count the Zebra

The zebras are on the great plains of the Savannah, but how many are there? This fun game introduces little ones to numbers in an easy to understand way, they can add or subtract zebras from the herd and see the numbers change.

Bathe the Elephant

Our elephant has got all covered in mud, and needs help getting clean! Clean the elephant with the sponge, keeping an eye on the cleaning meter to make sure you get all the mud off!

Make Music with the Monkeys

Learn a song with our gang of cheeky monkeys! They play a tune on their colourful boxes and your wee one plays it back to them. Or, if they’re feeling creative they can make up their own melody!

Wonder Safari is designed for children age 2-4, and to ensure its appropriate for this age group there are no in-app purchases or adverts and you don’t need access to the internet once it is downloaded. Visit our Apps website for more information on Wonder Safari, and our full range of fun children’s apps.