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By running Scotland’s most exciting soft play areas, we have learned a lot about how children enjoy themselves in the real world. We know how to keep children engaged, and we can now bring the fruits of those experiences into the hands of children across the world. We believe we have a lot more to offer children’s entertainment by giving them access to exciting playing and learning experiences wherever they go. Our team of dedicated professionals can help you introduce your children to the world of digital, through play, and have developed some exciting ideas to get them started. Our interactive apps provide children with the opportunity to tapping into early preschool development skills such as counting, shape and colour recognition.


Wonder World Apps are designed to nurture your child’s imagination, empower their creativity and facilitate their learning. We are dedicated to providing engaging educational games, which are fun for both kids and parents. Our apps are safe – they contain no ads and require no further in-app purchases and no internet connection. We hope your kids have a great time playing our apps! Check them out below.


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Wonder Farm

Wonder World: Wonder farm is aimed at helping kids aged between 2 and 4 learn through fun. You and your kids can explore farm life with characters and fun farm animals. Feed the pigs, make music with the chickens, colour in the cow and count the sheeps. We hope you have a great time playing in our pocket farm!

Kitty Cat Dress-up

Kitty Cat Dress-up is aimed at kids aged between 2 and 4. Kids can have fun picking kitties and dressing up their pet in dozens of combinations of fancy costumes. The various features to choose from include funny hats, colourful backgrounds, pet play toys, festive bows and ribbons and many more.

Wonder World Creator

Wonder World Creator lets kids make their own customized dress up characters and add them to the picture maker. The game offers thousands of stylish, entertaining and hilarious clothing options. Kids can create a personal gallery of designs and an unlimited collection of personalized dress up characters that look just like your family, friends and favorite celebrities.